Moving in for the Winter

So it’s mid-January and the cold front’s finally coming our way here in sunny Southwest Florida! If you’re like me, you love the beautiful warm Florida weather but you also welcome the cool breeze of our winter climate! I love this time of year because I can give my A/C a break and just open the windows and patio doors and let the cool breeze come in. We can air out our homes and get some fresh air flowing through the house. Unfortunately the cool breeze isn’t the only thing willing and ready to come home! This is the time of the year when birds fly south, people migrate to Florida and bugs come inside your house looking for warmth!

It’s winter in Southwest Florida and everyone knows it. Does this mean the pests are at rest? Of course not. You’ve worked hard to create a Home Sweet Home retreat away from the world and perfect for all your specific needs. Our home is usually our biggest financial investment and we spend a large amount of time there. So shouldn’t your home be protected from unwanted bugs and creatures looking to protect themselves from nippy cold winter days? Here’s where we can help! Lenny’s Pest Control is here to keep your home safe and bug free all winter long!

Because the current rash of cold weather the termites are hard at work. Probably eating at the walls that are keeping you warm now. I bet you didn’t know that termites and their swarm are commonly mistaken as “flying ants”. Turning on your heat on a cold day can cause these termites to immediately start flying out of your walls. We have a blog post coming soon with all the details on Subterranean Termites in Southwest Florida so stay tuned and subscribe to our blog if you haven’t already! Fire ants, Argentine ants and other ant species, as well as American cockroaches, try to move indoors during this time as well, seeking warmth from the colder temperatures.

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Lenny’s Pest Control has a team of experts that specialize in Southwest Florida Pest Control inside and outside of your home. We are experienced in tackling Termites and any other insects in your living space. Don’t try to fix it yourself, let the experts handle all of your pest control problems! We proudly service the Lee, Charlotte and Collier Counties.  Call us at 239-945-6543 or visit our website at get a quote today!

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We proudly service the Lee, Charlotte and Collier Counties. Call us at 239-945-6543 or contact us via our website to get a quote today!

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Lenny’s Pest Control has a team of experts that specialize in Southwest Florida Pest Control inside and outside of your home or business. With..

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