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So we’ve been blogging about spiders recently and how they like to come into the dry area after all the rain and guess what? Turns out they can’t stand the dry heat either! We recently found this story on CNN’s blog and decided to share it with you – scroll down to read article. We’re always keeping a look out for latest news, updates and information that we can share with you.

Don’t be afraid – we’re here to help you get informed and keep you safe! Be on the lookout for our upcoming blog – we’re going to bring you even more details on Brown Recluse Spiders and what happens if you should get bit – how to avoid them and what to do to protect your home and family from them! Remember if you’re seeing a spider or two – there might be a lot more you’re not seeing. If you’re not sure and it looks like a brown recluse don’t try to catch it or play hero. Don’t yell and scream and throw shoes and them either – just give us a call and we’ll come right out and take care of it for you! Give us a call at  (239) 945-6543  for all your Spider or pest control needs in Southwest Florida.

Drought, heat bring spiders out

Heat driving brown recluses to seek refuge inside homes
By Danielle Dellorto CNN

Record high temperatures and rapid expanding drought across the country is resulting in an increase in spiders.

“All insects are cold-blooded, so in extreme heat they develop quicker, which results in more generations popping up now compared to previous summers,” said Jim Fredericks, an entomologist and wildlife ecology expert with the National Pest Management Association.

One spider to watch out for is arguably one of Mother Nature’s most dangerous, the brown recluse. The extreme heat is driving brown recluses to seek refuge inside homes.

Easily disguised as a common house spider, the venom from a brown recluse can cause irritation to the skin, lesions, and in rare cases, death.

“All spiders have a venomous bite, but only a few can be medically dangerous to humans, and the brown recluse is a top concern,” said Fredericks.

The brown recluse spider is smaller than you might imagine — about the size of a quarter. It’s tan in color and has a dark spot in the shape of a violin on its body.

You aren’t likely to see them roaming around during the day — like their name suggests, they are reclusive. They typically hide in dark corners of your home, or in stored items like boxes and in closets.

“A common misconception is that spiders like to bite people,” said Fredericks. “But they actually don’t recognize people as a food source, and will typically only bite as a defense mechanism.”

A bite from a brown recluse will be painless at first. Within three to eight hours, the bite site will become swollen, red, and tender to the touch. In 95% of cases, the irritation ends there and the bite will heal on its own without developing into a more serious irritation.

In some cases, however, the venom begins to break down the cells in the skin and progress into a necrotic lesion needing immediate medical attention. This process takes about two to three weeks.

“It is rare for a brown recluse to result in death, but it can occur in children or adults who are allergic to the spider’s venom,” said Fredericks. “It best to get medical attention right away if bitten, to make sure you aren’t allergic.”

Brown recluse spiders are generally concentrated in the midwestern and south-central regions of the United States.

Reduce your risk of being bitten by wearing long gloves if sorting through dark spaces in your home or moving boxes and furniture. Experts also recommend setting out glue boards (which can be purchased at your local home improvement store) to catch the spiders before they have an opportunity to bite.

Click here to see original CNN Story.

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