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One of the perks of living in Southwest Florida is having a beautiful lawn all year round! Now we all know “A beautiful lawn doesn’t happen by itself.” This is definitely something we have to work toward. Just like anything else, your lawn needs some regular attention and TLC (tender loving care). Having a beautiful lawn in Southwest Florida isn’t as difficult or complicated as some people think. This is where Lenny’s Pest Control comes in – we’re here to help you reach your goal of a beautiful, healthy, lush Southwest Florida lawn!

Our lawn care specialist will take the time to inspect your lawn and identify the current problems. We always take time to answer all your questions and educate you about what needs to be done for your lawn. Call today and ask about our current Lawn Care Specials! 239-945-6543 

There are several types of insect repellents to use when protecting people from flying or biting insects such as mosquitoes, gnats, ticks, fleas, punkies, sand flies, no-see-ums, chiggers: We use only the best materials available to get the job done in a professional manner. 

Whiteflies have become a major issue in Southwest Florida with at least four species of particular concern: Ficus, Rugose Spiraling, Bondar’s Nesting and Silverleaf. Residents have noticed plant leaves yellowing, dropping, covered with white waxy material called flocculent, or covered with whitefly excrement called honeydew and its accompanying sooty mold. Plants, walkways, cars, outdoor furniture and even pools may become covered with the sticky material or flocculent. Whiteflies are among the many pests that are part of living in a subtropical climate. 

The time-released fertilizers are easy for the homeowner to manage and won’t burn the grass if sufficient rainfall occurs or systematic watering is available.  The level of maintenance you wish to provide (more fertilizer = more work, more mowing more disease control monitoring and more water) will determine how many applications you make to your grass.  Higher maintenance could require monthly applications, but usually in smaller more precise amounts of nutrients.  Do not fertilizer cool season grasses during the summer.

Herbicide application can provide the most effective and time-efficient method of managing weeds. Numerous herbicides are available that provide effective weed control and are selective in that grasses are not injured. Along with herbicide use is user responsibility and compliance with all product label requirements for herbicide handling, use, and cleanup.

Fall  is the best time to inspect for grubs, although early spring can also bring on early infestations. At these times the grubs are near the soil surface feeding at the root zone. Use a spade to cut three sides of a strip one foot square and  three inches deep. Force the spade under the sod and lay it back, using the uncut side as a hinge. Use a trowel to dislodge soil from the exposed roots. After inspection, replace the strip of sod to insure roots can re-establish contact with the soil. Repeat this procedure in several other areas of the lawn to locate possible white grub infestations.

For white grub elimination we use only the best materials available to get the job done in a professional manner. 

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Lenny’s Pest Control has a team of experts that specialize in tackling any kind of bug, pest, rodent or insect in your living or working space.

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We continue to be a leading Southwest Florida termite control company in customer service, innovative treatments, and results.

Lawn Care

Our lawn care specialist will take the time to inspect your lawn and identify the current problems and take time to answer all your questions.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs can be very troublesome household pest but we want to help you sleep peacefully by inspecting, preventing and eradicating them. 

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A beautiful lawn doesn’t happen by itself but we can help with that! 

Client Testimonials

“Hi guys – Just wanted to let you know we were extremely satisfied with your service. We have used you exclusively for the past few years and you always do a good job. You have also been great at honoring your guaranteed service. Last week we had a technician named Joe who was professional, courteous and knowledgeable. Keep up the good job and we’ll we calling back when we need service again.”


“Dear Lenny, You and your son have been so professional,  cooperative and effective in handling the pest control needs of the grounds and the individual condo units. When I moved and bought a house the company that immediately came to mind for my personal home pest control needs was Lenny’s Pest Control.  There were a variety of pests to deal with when I first moved in. Lenny took care of the problem and I have yet to see one pest in the house or garage. Since that time I have referred various friends to your company.  I am absolutely and completely satisfied.”


“Good afternoon Lenny.  I wanted to thank you for all the wonderful work you did at our last house to get rid of the ants and roaches. We’ve relocated and I only wish you were in our new town so I could continue to use your services.  Best of luck to you and thanks again!”


Proudly serving Lee, Charlotte and Collier Counties in Southwest Florida. 

Lenny’s Pest Control has a team of experts that specialize in Southwest Florida Pest Control inside and outside of your home or business. With over 50 years experience we are Southwest Florida’s #1 choice for tackling any kind of bug, pest, rodent or insect in your living or working space. Don’t try to fix it yourself, let the experts handle all of your pest control problems! We proudly service the Lee, Charlotte and Collier Counties.  Call us at  239-945-6543 or contact us to get a quote today!

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