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Residential & Commercial Pest Control

Many everyday household pests and rodents can bring serious concerns and health risks to you and your family due to their ability to bite, sting, chew, and carry diseases (such as mosquitoes, fire ants, cockroaches and mice). In addition to being a nuisance, these pests can cause significant amounts of damage to your most valuable investment – your home. It is very important to fully understand the dangers stemming from these types of infestations and how best to protect your home and family.

Proudly providing Southwest Florida with only the best pest control service since 2001, Lenny’s Pest Control always goes above and beyond to protect your family’s health and your personal property while, at the same time, caring for our environment. Our pest control service utilizes Integrated Pest Management, or IPM, as part of our total protection system. Widely recognized and accepted as the most environmentally friendly approach to pest control, IPM is a straightforward, three-step pest control process: 

  1. Inspect to determine any pest issues
  2. Identify not only the pest, but also the true cause of the problem
  3. Treat with the most environmentally responsible way to resolve all current issues and help prevent any future infestations

Integrated Pest Management

Interior and Exterior Pest Management

Interior and Exterior pest management is key to insulating your home from pests. An open garbage can stored under the sink can be a magnet for flies, rodents, roaches and ants. Mice, roaches and other pests can enter a home through tiny gaps amid plumbing pipes and walls. Food that is not sealed tightly can attract “pantry pests” such as roaches and rodents. Improperly sealed attics or crawl spaces can become entrance points for spiders, rodents and other pests.

Lawn Spraying and Fertilization

Lawn spraying and fertilization can be utilized to protect your home from invaders. Home lawns are commonly infested with insects, bugs, weeds, diseases and other pests which cause severe damage to turf-grass  These pests can be divided into two groups based on their location: SOIL INHABITANTS and THATCH INHABITANTS. Both groups severely damage lawns. A knowledge of pest biology and habits is helpful when implementing effective control programs. If you are having trouble with a fungus or other plant disease give us a call to discuss solutions.

Fire Ants

Fire ants bite as well, grasping the skin with their mandibles to anchor themselves and better insert their sting. The bite is of no lasting consequence, but the venom they inject through their sting is quite potent, especially in relation to their size. Unlike the sting of the honey bee, the sting of the fire ant is not barbed, and an individual worker can sting repeatedly and still survive to return to her normal duties. For most people a single fire ant sting is a ‘mildly painful’ experience that would quickly be forgotten were it not for the ‘mildly irritating’ pustule. Unfortunately, a stinging encounter with fire ants usually involves more than one ant, and each year many people have the experience of being stung by dozens, or even hundreds, of fire ants.

Fleas and Ticks

Fleas and Ticks are easy to get rid of and are one of the most harmful to let stay. Flea control inside your home is achieved through application of an approved insecticide (which kills adult fleas) and an . Insect Growth Regulator (or IGR) which prevents flea eggs and flea larvae from becoming jumping, biting, reproducing adult fleas. We suggest using Onslaught or Dragnet to kill adult fleas (and other insect pests). Ticks are a bigger issue. Certain ticks carry the causal organisms of such diseases as Rocky Mountain spotted fever, Lyme disease, typhus, rickettsial pox, relapsing fever, tularemia, Colorado tick fever and Texas cattle fever.


Roof rats are largely commensals and live in close association with man. They seldom become established as feral animals as do the Norway rats; however, in SWFL they have been found throughout the area. They inhabited grocery and drug stores, warehouses, feed stores, and poultry houses and were very common in warehouses. They may live near the ground, but usually they frequent the attics, rafters, and crossbeams of the buildings. They make typical runways along pipes, beams or wires, up and down the studding, or along the horizontal ceiling joists, often leaving a dark-colored layer of grease and dirt to mark their travel-ways  Like the Norway rat, the roof rat is largely nocturnal and only where populations are relatively high does one see them frequently in the daytime. There is some indication that the larger and more aggressive Norway rat is supplanting the roof rat in many parts of the United States. In the southern United States, however, the roof rat is by far the more common of the two.

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